Meet Denise

I have had a love for traveling since as far back as I can remember.  It started at a young age when I'd say adios to my mom and dad and head away on long weekend trips with my grandparents to Washington D.C. Trips on the Metro, visits to the National Cathedral, and the White House Christmas displays were all favorite memories, and I'd go year after year.  Three hours from home without my parents might have been daunting for some little kids, but not me.  I was ready to go any time I was asked!

When I got to high school, I joined every club I could think of that might run a trip to a far off destination -- from the Italian Club, to the Ski Club to AFS.  And it paid off, because I got to go visit Italy before anyone else in my family, skied all over, and got to participate in short-term exchange programs in both Italy and Boston that allowed me to really become immersed in the culture of my host cities.  I always managed to find myself on the leadership teams of these clubs too, because I loved being involved in the planning processes of the trips!  

A few years later I discovered how beautiful and how much fun the Caribbean was when my sister got married on St. John, and vowed to visit every island some day!  (I've gotten through quite a few of them, but still have so many on my list!) One day when a random post card came to my house telling me I could run a marathon in Hawaii, I barely thought twice about it and jumped at the chance!  Sure, I'd have to run a marathon while I was there, but I'd GET TO GO TO HAWAII!  My family thought I was nuts, but I did it anyway, and then again the next year!  The marathon was cool and all, but Hawaii was AMAZING!  I went alone -- well, with a group, but not with anyone I knew -- but I met friends there that I still talk to to this day!  That's one of the greatest things about travel, it turns strangers into friends!  It gives you a common bond and creates memories and inside jokes you'll never forget!  

It seemed I was always on a trip, or planning a trip, or thinking about where I wanted to go next, sometimes while I was still on my current trip.  When people would ask me "but what do you want to do when you grow up?!", I would always answer "TRAVEL!".  Being cooped up inside an office never suited me well.  Today, I'm finally living my dream of being a professional travel planner, (although I still have no plans to grow up!)  

Let me put my love for travel and passion for travel planning and perfecting every detail to work for you.  I'd love to help make your travel dreams become a reality too!  


Memberships & Specialist Certificates

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